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2.66sYes, I'm Ned Flanders's close personal friend.
1.97sThat's right. Hot and heavy.
1.97sThey've never been happier.
1.73sOh, yeah. She does look pregnant.
2.4sNow, who might you be? A tabloid?
1.9sIs that one ofthose really strong mints?
1.83sHello? Hello?
3.06sJ Jesus is the rock that rolls my blues awayJ
2.23sJ Shoo-be-doo-be Yeah, shoo-be-doo-be JJ
2.13sYou guys are jammin'l
1.66sDaddy, she swore.
3.44sYou know, I grew up in a house like this.
2.76sI didnt know there were people like you left in the world.
2.83sYep. We occupy that useless mass of land...
3.7sbetween Los Angeles and New York called America.
3.13sNed, I'm not sure you should open the door.
3.87sNow, if someone took the time to press that little button, this is the least I can do.