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2.4sSara Sloane? The movie star?
4.13sYep. Why would that Twinkle want to go out with a Ding Dong like me?
2.83sFlanders, I mix Twinkies and Ding Dongs all the time.
1.9sIn Europe, they call it a "Dinkie."
1.93sWell, sir, that's very encouraging...
2.43sbut I cant date a movie star.
2.47sI'm no Arthur Miller or Lyle Lovett.
1.93sNow wait just a minute.
2.3sI used to worry Marge was too good for me.
2.9sShe was always thinking of ways to improve me.
2.06sBut then part of her died...
1.97sand she doesnt try anymore.
1.99sSo we're all where we want to be.
3.37sI'm sorry for the disguise, Ned. I just dont want to cause a commotion.
1.43sExcuse me, Miss Sloane.
1.33s- May l have an autograph'? - Sure.
2.03sOh, man. This is going right on eBay.
1.97sI mean my wall- which I will then sell on eBay.
1.97sSad to say, this isnt the worst I get.
2.3sOh, oh. Can ljust push this plaster cast onto one of your boobs?