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2.49sMm-hmm. That's right. I'm like Baskin-Robbins.
2.63sYou get one free taste, then you gotta buy the scoop.
1.93sNed, I love you...
1.9sbut I'm not ready to be tied down.
1.93sI love you too, and I always will...
3.23sbut unlike the Bible, I guess this isnt gonna have a happy ending.
1.56sI'm sorry.
2.23sOh, darn the luck.
1.9sThat sounds like the Lupus Fun Run.
2.13sOh, boy.
2.13sHa-hal Fight lupus.
3.77sScreen siren Sara Sloane shocked Tinselto wn last night...
3.87swith a midnight marriage to Gosford Park mega-hunk Bob Balaban.
4.03sThis was foiio wed three hours later bya quickie divorce.
2.7sI bet we would have lasted twice that long.