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2.17sFry, swallow your food, then talk.
1.58sA mermaid!
2.3sYou think you saw a mermaid?
3.02sNo. I did see a mermaid. She was wearing a tube top.
3.87sAnd she had a beautiful, scaly tail and I think she had hair extensions.
3.29sYou're simply hallucinating, you moron.
2.1sWhat's so far-fetched about mermaids?
4.75sThere's all sorts of weird sea creatures here in the future, like Dr. Zoidberg.
2.55sI'm afraid Fry is suffering from ocean madness.
5.65sEvery time something good happens to me you say it's some kind of madness or I'm drunk or I ate too much candy.
5.94sWell, I saw a real mermaid and I wish just once my friends would have the decency and kindness to believe me.