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4.04sPeople, it's far, far worse than we thought.
2.37sMy fish got away.
1.28sThere! Good as new.
5.94sExcept that we're three miles below the surface we don't have any food and the ship won't work underwater.
1.83sTempers are wearing thin.
3.27sLet's just hope some robot doesn't kill everybody.
2.42sThe important thing is that we don't panic.
2.67sThere are rules for situations like this.
2.15sNow, the first order of business is lunch.
3sI suggest a nice lobster Zoidberg.
1.23sI mean, uh, lobster Newburg.
2.17sI mean, Dr. Zoidberg.
1.8sOkay, everyone. Calm down.
2.67sThe professor and I will get to work on the ship.
4.61sBender, Zoidberg, since you can survive underwater you'll go out and look for food.
0.98sI better go, too.
1.65sThey don't know what I like.
3.62sFry, no! The pressure will crush you like a green snake under a sugarcane truck!
0.95sNot necessarily.
5.14sThis is a chance for Fry to test out my experimental anti-pressure pill.