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5.69scrickets, squid chicken necks? Excuse me. If I might be so bold,
3.8sI'm willing to offer my services as a bait critic.
3.57sThese sardines, for example are bland and tasteless.
2.59sAnd these dry, stringy night crawlers--
4.27sThough juicy... very, very juicy...
2.32sI don't believe this! It's eating my bait!
1.77sBeat it, you mooching crawdad!
4.12sWoo, WOO, WOO, WOO, woo!
3.27sHey, Fry, check out my laser-guided fishing rod.
2.54sQuiet, Bender, you're scaring away the fish.
2.33sFine. I'll head over to the other side.