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4.25sFry, you half-mad, half-insane maniac be reasonable.
5.54sDon't you realize that if you stay at this depth your body will permanently adapt to the pressure?
2.07sRealize it? I don't even understand it.
3.2sIt means you'll never be able to return to the surface.
1.23sI don't care. I'm staying.
2.19sI've got everything I want right here.
2.97sI'm bored! Let's go.
3.45sYou know, Fry I've got a little place just outside town.
1.6sYou could come visit, maybe?
0.93sSorry, Zoidberg.
1.73sI'm trying to join the country club.
2.55sAh, Fry!
1.6sI'll miss you!
4.1sY'all come back, now, you hear?