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7.27sAh, now, that's a story that can only rightly be told in a chamber of commerce video narrated by folk-rock troubadour, Donovan.
7.59sAtlanta was a city, landlocked hundreds of miles from the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean.
14.2sYet, so desperate the city's desire for tourism that they moved offshore, becoming an island and an even bigger Delta hub, until the city overdeveloped and it started to sink.
9.88sKnowing their fate, the quality people ran away-- Ted Turner, Hank Aaron, Jeff Foxworthy the guy who invented Coca-Cola, the Magician,
3.57sand the other so-called gods of our legends--
1.87sthough gods they were...
2.4sand also, Jane Fonda was there.
11.38sThe others chose to remain behind on their porches with their rifles, and one day evolve into mermaids and sing, and dance, and ring in the new...