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2.79sOh, my goodness.
3.7sNot too shabby, eh? They'll have the best of care.
5sAnd all I ask is that you let the local folks share a little glimpse of your blessing.
2.5sBut is it right to put such young children on display?
2.07sSure it is. Huh?
4.14sButch Patrick! That's right. I was TV's Eddie Munster.
2.37sAnd being in the public eye didn't mess me up one bit.
4.69sMm-hmm. Well, obviously. Hey, one question, Eddie.
1.27sYeah, right, right.
2.64sIf your mother was a vampire and your father was a Frankenstein,
2.14show come you are a werewolf?
3.55sHuh. I never thought of that. Doesn't make sense, does it?
3.54sBut what does make sense is putting your children in the hands of Mr. Kidkill here.
3.13sPlease, please. Larry. Larry Kidkill.
2.43sI don't care what Butch Patrick says.