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2.5sApu, they're doing it again.
2.47sOkay, break it up.
2.02sMaybe you two should get a nanny.
2.05sYes, and what would I pay her with-- banana bread?
2.37sSorry, sorry. It's just we haven't slept in days...
1.93sand we're running out of money and--
3.7sBanana bread! What the hell were you thinking? Banana bread.
1.93sI apologize. I apologize again.
2.38sAs a token of forgiveness, please take this baby.
1.97sNo. Marge, no!
2.97sMr. Nahasapaso--
2.89sAw, forget it. Listen. You look like you could use some help.
1.78s- Come with me. - Okay.
3.69sBut you don't know who he is! Who cares? There's only one of him.
2.24sWhat if your babies could live in a place...
2.54swith round-the-clock child care,
4.45sall expenses paid, full medical, dental, tutors, the works?
3.3sI would say that there must be some sort of horrible catch.
4.79sThe zoo? What? Everybody loves my zoo. You don't love my zoo?