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2.1sCan I offer you something to drink?
1.6sNo, thanks.
2.5sApu, they're doing it again.
2.47sOkay, break it up.
2.02sMaybe you two should get a nanny.
2.05sYes, and what would I pay her with-- banana bread?
2.37sSorry, sorry. It's just we haven't slept in days...
1.93sand we're running out of money and--
3.7sBanana bread! What the hell were you thinking? Banana bread.
1.93sI apologize. I apologize again.
2.38sAs a token of forgiveness, please take this baby.
1.97sNo. Marge, no!
2.97sMr. Nahasapaso--
2.89sAw, forget it. Listen. You look like you could use some help.
1.78s- Come with me. - Okay.
3.69sBut you don't know who he is! Who cares? There's only one of him.
2.24sWhat if your babies could live in a place...
2.54swith round-the-clock child care,
4.45sall expenses paid, full medical, dental, tutors, the works?