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3.5sApu? Manjula?
2.67sMarge, I got a bad feeling about this.
2.04sWelcome to my nightmare.
2.05sI knew you had your hands full with the babies,
2.67sso I baked you some banana bread.
3.67sOh, hallelujah. Our problems are solved. We have banana bread.
2.79sWell, you don't have to be sarcastic.
3.25sOh, look who's here. The family with one baby.
2.23sHow do you manage?
2.62sMarge, they've turned into jerks.
2.27sI'm very sorry. We've been rude.
2.1sCan I offer you something to drink?
1.6sNo, thanks.
2.5sApu, they're doing it again.
2.47sOkay, break it up.
2.02sMaybe you two should get a nanny.