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3.1sApu, it's 4:00 a.m. You're late for work!
3.84sOh, I just had the most beautiful dream where I died.
3.29sOh, no, you don't. Not till they're out of college.
3.1sListen, I'll die when I want to.
2.6sThank you. Steal again.
4.5sWell, morning, Apu. How are the little blessings?
2.17sOoh, they are a ravenous swarm of locusts...
3.87sjust eating and screaming and grabbing and poking and pulling and drooling.
4.54sAnd two have cradle rash. How do you get cradle rash when you sleep in a suitcase?
3.32sThey can be a handful... of joy.
2.37s- Shut up! - They'll fill your lives with--
1.95s- just shut up! - Can't put a price on a miracle.
2.17sI can't believe you don't shut up.
1.7sOh, look at that.
2.02sOoh, a gingerbread house.
2.44sHansel and Gretel are set for life.
4.3sYou know, I saw Apu today. He's really frazzled.