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2.62sAnd the outpouring of support has been so lucrative.
5.36sYes. We have already received lifetime supplies of baby powder and Pepsi "B."
1.95sFree baby cola!
4.3sApu hits the jackpot and I'm stuck with these useless one-tuplets!
2.22sGee, sorry for being born.
3.04sI've been waiting so long to hear that.
3.3sHow do you feel about this avalanche of free merchandise?
4.27sOh, the companies are so generous, except the Q-tip people.
3.64sThey only gave us three crates. They can rot in hell.
2.6sBut the good folks at Sony-- mwah--
4.37stheir giant TV will really help us love our babies.
1.94sI'm here at Shelbyville Hospital...
1.98swhere a local woman has just given birth to nine--
2.15sthat's right-- nine babies.
2.14sSome say eight babies is a blessing,
2.63sbut they don't know the joy of nine.
2.45sWould you say you're on "cloud nine"?