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2.05sBabies just happen.
1.89sWell, not to us they don't.
2.04sOh! Homer, we have tried everything--
5.09soysters, gravity boots, Sanjay's bed, every possible position.
3.15sReally? On top and underneath?
1.73sEh, yes.
2.02sWell, don't worry. I can help you.
2.24sI'm all about ideas.
2.1sKids, come and get it!
5.47sNow, this situation is guaranteed to end in pregnancy.
1.95sUh, I'm willing to play the high school jock,
2.47sbut did you have to cut the roof off my car?
3.69sHup-hup-hup-hup. That's an Apu question. You're Greg.
3.27sUh-- "Gee, Betsy, it's such a nice night.
1.68sWhy don't we go all the way?"
2.19s"But, Greg, my dad will kill me.