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2.2sHey, Apu. Sittin' in the ice cream cooler, eh?
4.14sBy chilling my loins, I increase the chances of impregnating my wife.
2.69sWhoa-ho! Too much information!
4.09sThanks for the mental picture! Why don't you tell us what you really think?
2.1sWould you stop spouting those hackneyed quips?
3.92sCould you be any more-- Hello!
2.67sLook, just give me some ice cream.
4.1sUm, how 'bout one not touching your ass?
2.45sWhoa. Manjula has begun to ovulate.
2.89sEw! Thanks for sharing!
4.45sMore than I wanted to know!
2.17sHere goes nothing.
3.84sBaby. Baby.
2.02sOh, lemon.
0.47sAll that sex for nothing.
2.12sWell, that is a pretty grim assessment.
3.42sYou know, Homer, you might want to open those cans before they explode.
2.58sBut the cans seal in the flavor.