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3.59sThese Swedish furniture designers sure have some far-out ideas.
2.1sI mean, a green table.
2.77sI wouldn't have thought of that in my wildest dreams.
3.42sAnd these beanbag chairs look so comfortable.
2.54sOop! Hey, there's someone else in here.
2.3sArr! She swallowed me whole.
3.89sYou put it together yourself. All you need is me-- Allen Wrench.
2.65sHe's named after what he is.
2.62sCool costume.
1.93sIt's not a costume.
3sThey found me inside a meteor.
2.49sExcuse me. Where are your hamper lids?
1.97sHamper lids? Uh, third floor.
2.33sHelp. I need tungsten to live.
3.09sOoh, look at all these clever pencil holders.
2.72sOoh, I wanna get the Kronk.
4.07sYou don't want something that overshadows the pencils.