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2.17sTwo salmon for dinner?
3.5sWhat? It's spawning season! It's a bear holiday!
3.77sThat is what you said when you found those Boy Scouts!
2.49sNext you'll be telling me I can't crap in the woods!
1.33sThat's it!
2.64sWe're hibernating in separate caves this winter!
1.08sMy love!
2.2sYou made it!
3.95sYou overcame salmon instinct and left your home stream for me!
2sSo are you gonna fertilize my eggs now?
2.2sAlready taken care of.
3.62sWell, we swam away and then we came back.
2.9sIt's been an interesting life.
5.37sAnd the best part is, it had a happy ending.
4.25sNARRATOR: And so the endless circle of life comes to an end,
2.03smeaningless and grim.
2.45sWhy did they live, and why did they die?