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2.57sWell, this is it. Home, stream home.
3.77sNo, it isn't! I was born in the next stream up.
2.32sYou're from Next Stream Up? So am I!
2.87sI can tell by the magnets in my head, or whatever.
1.83sLet's go!
6.19sThe urge to spawn drives the salmon inexorably toward the stream of its birth.
3.2sStupid body! Why won't you go to that other stream?
1.82sNobody knows!
2.38sI just told you!
2.57sGoodbye! It was fun maturing with you,
1.63sbut at this point in my life cycle,
3.14sI need a mate who's within squirting distance.
2.9sI'll never forget you, fish.
4.9sCome on, loxy lady, it's time for us to get naughty by nature!