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1.53sYeah, but nobody's that observant.
2.2sIt's mainly a Christmas and Easter thing.
3.27sCome to daddy, sweetie-ookums.
3.64sSo, is it true that alligators flushed down the toilet survive down here?
1.9sNo. That's just an urban legend.
1.08sThen what are those?
1.03sWe keep them as pets.
4.9sThen, when they grow too large we flush them down into the sub-sewer.
3.22sSome say there's a freakish race of sub-mutants down there.
2.43sPlease, that's just a sub-urban legend.
3.02sOh? Then I suppose you also don't believe in...
2.2sEl Chupanibre.
2.54sEl Chupanibre? What's that?
3.77sGather 'round, children for the legend of El Chupanibre.
3.84sHe creeps and crawls in the midnight hush