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1.75sWho's he going to flush next?
1.12sHey, it's your fault.
2.92sHe only flushed himself because your emotions made him feel bad.
0.83sYou're right.
1.4sI feel terrible.
0.92sOh, great.
1.57sNow you're making him feel worse.
2.92sI guess we'd better go down into the sewers and look for him.
0.78sAre you crazy?
1.6sThere's mutants down there.
1.63sThey'll eat you alive.
1.73sThey're hideous!
1.72sThere's no such thing as mutants.
1.83sThat's a ridiculous urban myth.
1.64sOh, don't be so sure.
11.91sMany scientists believe humans really could mutate down there due to exposure to toxic waste and radioactive runoff and good old American feces.
2.8sGod bless America.