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3.32sIt's like he doesn't understand simple humanoid emotion.
3.34sI wish just once Bender could feel exactly what I feel.
3.82sActually, through the miracle of science that can be arranged.
5.36sUh-oh. Is this going to be another crazy experiment that crosses a line man was not meant to cross?
5.81sThe official death toll in that tragic rocket crash has now been raised to 54,000.
3.14sHey, what the hell are you doing with my head?
1.37sI need to tinker in it.
2.75sWhy don't you just use a potted plant like Fry?
1.03sQuiet you.
2.2sI'm installing an "empathy chip."
2.57sAnd that'll allow Bender to feel other people's emotions?
3.37sYes... if by "allow" you mean "force."
1.3sOw... ooh... son of a...
1.17sOh, dear!
2.17sOh, my! Uh-oh!