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2.64sHey, can't you see I'm using the toilet?
3.64sBender, how could you flush Nibbler down the toilet?
1.8sWell, step one, I had to lift the seat.
2.1sThat was the first little annoyance.
1.42sAm I right, men?
2.4sAren't you upset at all?
3.14sHow would you feel if I flushed Fry down the toilet?
2.5sOnly one way to find out.
3.07sYou have no sympathy for anyone else's feelings.
1.33sOf course I do.
2.07sRight now, I feel sorry for you.
0.75sYou do?
3.45sYeah. I mean one cantaloupe-sized bloodshot eye.
3.84sYou ain't winning no beauty pageants, lady.
2.1sAnd so we say "good-bye"