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2.4sAll right.
2.4sWelcome to the Homer Simpson Program.
1.95sSo what happens next?
2sOne day soon I will come for you,
1.94sand then the game will begin.
1.94sCould be in the middle of the night.
2.8sIt could be when you least expect it.
1.7sOr whatever's good for you. I don't care.
2.72sOkay, Homer, I'm ready to learn.
2.9sWhat's the first lesson? just gimme the topic sentence.
2.07sGimme that! That's your problem.
1.7sYou're livin' up here.
3.79sYou gotta live down here, in the impulse zone.
3.1sIf you wanna be like me, you gotta make snap decisions--
1.65sLike this!
2.27sWe're going to break the bank...