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2.54sbut I was wondering if you could show me how to have some fun.
1.83sWell, well, well.
2sSo Flawless Flanders needs help...
2.24sfrom Stinky Pants Simpson.
1.57sYeah, I guess I do.
2.17sWelly, welly, welly.
3.89sMr. Clean wants to hang with Dirty Dingus Magee.
0.3sHow about it, Homer?
3.44sWill you teach me the secret of your intoxicating lust for life?
0.47sWellity, wellity, wellity.
2.45sStop that!
1.95sWill you help me or not?
1.93sLet's do it.
1.94sSo what about all this meat?
2.07sAw, the missus will clean that up.
2.1sNow it's Marge's time to shine.
2.7sFirst of all, I get five dollars a day, plus expenses.
1.63sSeems fair.
1.3sAnd I'll need your signature...
1.94shere, here...