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2.67sWhoa, ho. Loggins and Oates.
2.1sAnd it's free.
1.77sI've never heard of these bands, Mom.
2.37s- What kind of music do they play? - Crap-Rock?
1.53sThat's it.
3.67sTen dollars? What is this, a car wash for millionaires?
0.45sThrow hot wax on him, Dad.
1.85sHowdy, Homer.
1.93sFive dollars, please.
3.4sHey, how did "Churchy LaFemme" get half price?
0.48sSenior citizens' discount.
4.49s"Senior citizen"? Flanders?
2.3sWell, we'll see about that.
4.85sAnd once again, tithing is 10% off the top.
2.8sThat's gross income, not net.
0.47sPlease, people, don't force us to audit.
2.93sNow, I'm going to pass this around a second time.
1.92sBrother Ned, if you'll do the honors--
2.03sI wouldn't do that, Reverend.
5.02sYou see, "Saint Flanders" is as crooked as you or me.