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2.97sWe were out buying them fabulous gifts-- What's the occasion?
3.27sBecause we love them, jackass.
2.62sAnyhoo, we came out of Wal-Mart, when suddenly, 100 spaceships--
1.93sHomer! You're right, you're right.
2.23sFifty spaceships beamed us aboard.
2.74sThey gang-probed you, while I discovered an invention...
2.1sthat blew their heads up and saved America.
2.13sUh, do I have to be gang-probed?
2.04sWould you rather tell Maude the truth?
3.37sWhat did the aliens look like? Well, I only saw them from the back...
2.17s'cause they were so busy gang-probing you.
2.55sWell, hello, little birdies.
2.77s- Not the eyes! - My eyes! Cover your eyes!
3.3sIf I Wind up broke well, I'll always remeMber
3.5sthat I had A Swingin' time
3.37si'm gonna give it eveRything I've got
3.2slady luck, please let the diCe stay hot
3.4slet me shoot A seven with every shot
2.3sviva las vegas