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2.02sOh, nuts!
2.89sI don't know. Omelets have a lot of fat in them.
2.97sForget it. You're married. Let yourself go.
2.57sThey're running away.
7.21sBright light city gonna set my soul gonna set my soul on fire Aah!
2.35sGot A whole Lot of money
1.68sthat's ready to burn
2.62sso get those stakes up higher
10.13sthere's A thousand pretty women waitin' out there they're all livin' devil May care and I'm just A devil with love to spare Aah!
2.74sSo viva las vegas
6.77sViva las vegas Viva las vEgas How could a fat guy run so fast? Hey!
2.05sCome on, baby, show Gil a four.
2.22sCraps. Oh, no.
2.12sWhy did I bet the company payroll?