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2.27sChop, chop, dig, dig.
2.55sYou know, Homie, there's so much more...
2.5stwo wives could do for you.
2.72sI hear digging, but I don't hear chopping.
4.22sOoh! A friendly bee.
3.75sOw. That sting hurts so much.
2.02sWe gotta get out of this, Ned. Well, do something.
3.45sThis is all your fault-- You and your stupid program.
3.1sBlame me if you must, but don't ever speak ill of the program.
2.92sThe program is rock solid. The program is sound.
1.6sOh, those awful women want their omelets.
4.07sOh, how are we gonna get out of this mess in an honorable and decent--
2.02sOh, nuts!
2.89sI don't know. Omelets have a lot of fat in them.
2.97sForget it. You're married. Let yourself go.
2.57sThey're running away.
7.21sBright light city gonna set my soul gonna set my soul on fire Aah!