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1.93sI'm sorry. I'm so very-- Homer!
3.07sThe bad news, ladies, is we already have wives.
3.55sWell, you can't be very happy with them if you married us.
2.97sYou two fellas are the nicest husbands we've ever had--
2.34sAnd we're not giving you up without a fight.
3.5sBut, Ginger, honey, I am not the catch I appear to be.
3.64s- Ginger's my wife. - Are you sure? Oh, rats.
1.92sNo offense, sweetie.
2.02sHomer, why don't we...
4.1sgo make the girls some custom omelets?
3.77sGeez. I've never seen anyone so whipped so fast.
3.12sWhat are we gonna do, Homer? My kids are gonna be traumatized.
5.04sAnd then there's Maude. And then there's Maude! I don't know, Flanders.
3.44sHaving two wives could have its advantages.
4.24sChop, chop, dig, dig. Chop, chop, dig, dig.