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2.02sOr possibly "scam-Ola."
2.4sWe would remember if we got married.
3.49sBoy, you did have a lot to drink last night, "Homeo."
1.67sTake a look at this.
1.75sAw. "Precious Memories."
4.64sI okilly-dokilly, "schmokilly" do.
3.3sAnd do you, Homer, take this cocktail waitress you just met...
1.93sto be your lawfully wedded wife?
1.93sWhat did you call me?
2.7sDo you want to get married? Married.
3.44sSure. Sock it to me, baby.
2.64sBy the power vested in me by the Chicago outfit,
2.2sI now pronounce you husbands and wives.
3.97sWe are so dead.
3.34sLadies, we want to do the honorable thing, so breakfast is on us--
2.3swith full waffle bar privileges.
3.05sBut first, I'm afraid we have some bad news.
2.63sThe waffle bar is closed.