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2.82sOh, yeah? Hey, man, you want a real woman?
2.42sWhy don't you bring your pretty little self over to my apartment tonight,
2.24sand I'll show you a real woman?
1.3sI'm ashamed!
1.97sHey, that's my husband you're talking to!
1.93sYeah? Well, what are you gonna do about it?
1sYou gonna fight me?
1.35sLook, I already said...
1.48sGet down on your hands and knees, fatty!
1.17sYeah! Yes, sir!
2.44sLook at me, Griffin, I'm milking me a cow!
1.1sMoo for me!
1.07s- Moo. - Louder!
1.1s- Moo! - Louder!
1.47s- Moo! - Louder!
1.6s(SOBBING) Moo!
1.1sAll right, that's it!
2.07sYou want a fight? You got one!
3.2sNow, you get your hands off my man before I break them off!
1.58sFuck, it's my parents!
3sThe party's off, everybody! Get the fuck out of here!
1.15sGood evening. I'm Tom Tucker.
4.22sComing up next, a boxing match where the fighters are bleeding before the fight?