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1.17sWell, you got to fix her, Doc.
1sThere's a big fight coming up.
1.65sShe's got to defend her title.
1.88sLook, Peter, I don't think there's gonna be any fight.
1sWhat are you talking about?
2.24sLook at me. I got a broken nose.
3.54sI think this is a sign that maybe it's time to hang up the gloves.
1.33sWhat are you, out of your mind?
1.77sDon't you give me that attitude, Peter.
2.87sLook, Lois, we're making a lot of cash with this boxing thing.
2.23sAnd I need money for bourbon and anime.
1.94s(SLURRING) Well, I just can't understand any of this.
4.6sEverybody in Japan is either a 10-year-old girl or a monster.
1.73sI don't care about the money, Peter!
1.63sI don't care about boxing!
3.67sThe only reason I did this in the first place was 'cause of you! What do you mean?
1.9sPeter, sometimes you're so insensitive,
3.2sand you make me so angry, I just want to clock you in the jaw.
3.47sObviously, I can't do that, so boxing was an outlet.
3.5sWait, you mean the reason you fight so good is...
2.52sYeah, 'cause I'm making believe I'm fighting you!
3.6sWow. Am I that much of a bastard?
1.22sSometimes, yes.
2.85sJeez, Lois, I'm sorry.