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2.3sI got fired for being an illegal immigrant.
3.9sOh, dear. You know, Peter, you can always take a citizenship test.
2.9sI mean, if Wilmer Valderrama passed, it can't be that difficult.
3.5sWell, by that logic, Lois, it can't be that difficult to nail Lindsay Lohan.
1.23sI don't think it is.
2.17sOh! Well, good news there.
1.77sAll right, you wanna head down to the INS?
1.8sSo, give me the good news. Did I pass?
3.3sI'm afraid it doesn't look good for you, Senor Griffin.
1.6sSo far, you've failed everything,
3.5sincluding the "Behaving Like an American at the Airport" test.
3.74sNo, it wasn't bad. Yeah, I'm on the way to the next plane now.
2.6sYeah, I got a middle seat, so I'm gonna see if I can switch.
1.27sOh, a Sbarro!
5.47sI'm gonna get a big, fat piece of pizza so I got something to stuff in my face while I'm reading USA Today.
3.54sThe only thing remaining is the oral test, which I will administer here.
3.17sNow, question number one. Who discovered America?
1.5s- Dick York? - No.
1.83sDick Sargent. It was Dick Sargent.
2.97s(SIGHS) Question number two. Complete this sentence.