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7.61sbut when I got back home, I was so afraid of being judged by the community that I never filled out the paperwork to make you a citizen.
2.53sMom, what are you saying?
3.37sPeter, as far as the US government is concerned,
2.84syou're an illegal Mexican immigrant.
1.33sHoly crap!
3.07s(LAUGHING) Looks like I've got myself in a bind!
1.4sHow will I get out of this one?
1.53sStick around...
2.6s'Cause we've got Cleveland and Quagmire, and Joe and Mort
3.17sAnd all your cartoon pals
1.67sPeter, how come you're not at work?
2.3sI got fired for being an illegal immigrant.
3.9sOh, dear. You know, Peter, you can always take a citizenship test.
2.9sI mean, if Wilmer Valderrama passed, it can't be that difficult.
3.5sWell, by that logic, Lois, it can't be that difficult to nail Lindsay Lohan.
1.23sI don't think it is.
2.17sOh! Well, good news there.