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1.37sNow you're talking, Angela.
4.1sThis country needs more immigrants like my cousin Peter the Pig needs a new house.
3.84s(BLOWING) PETER THE PIG: I wouldn't do that, if I were you.
2.4sWhat? I said, I wouldn't do that.
1.2sI said knock it off!
1.33sBecause I just made stool in there,
2.5sand if you blow it down, the whole woods is gonna stink.
2.94sDo you understand? Do you understand me, sir?
3.84s(DOORBELL RINGS) Peter, what brings you here?
0.97sHi, Mom.
3.77sHey, there's a new policy at work where everyone has to prove they're an American,
1.77sand I need my birth certificate.
3.34sOh, dear. Peter, sit down.
1.43sI don't know how to tell you this,
2.1sbut you weren't born in America.
1.83sYou were born in Mexico.
3.1sWhen I found out that your real father was a drunken Irishman,