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1.8sPeter, where did you get that suit?
3.24sMy God, you look like the Statue of Liberty's pimp.
2.2sThis is how a patriot dresses, Lois.
2.9sBoy, I never knew it would feel this good to love my country.
2.47sIt's like loving God or a step-parent.
5.74sYou never really feel them love you back, but that's okay because they got other stuff going on, and you understand.
3.84sPeter, you do realize there's a difference between loving America and being swept up in post-9/11 paranoia.
2.24sBrian, are you suggesting that 9/11 didn't change everything?
1.37sWhat? No, I was just...
3.84sBecause 9/11 changed everything, Brian. 9/11 changed everything.
3.44sPeter, you didn't even know what 9/11 was until 2004.
2.1sThat's not true, Brian. I remember 9/11.
2.8s(SCOFFS) Must have been a woman pilot, huh?