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1.6sYes I do, Gerardo.
3.04sThis great land should be everything to you that it is to me.
2.94sA land where a man is paid a wage he can live on.
2.5sA land where we flush every time.
3.4sA land where 17 miles is not walking distance.
4.17sA land where meals are not purchased from a truck and then eaten in a different truck.
1.5sAll right, all right, you make your point.
1.3sIt's getting a little offensive.
2.6sThat's my only offer. Take it or leave it.
3.74sPeter, you must go. We will find our own way.
2.1sI'll never forget you, Gerardo.
1.9sBoy, I sure am gonna miss Reynaldo,
2.13sbut I'm glad I'm finally an American again.
2.2sBeing an immigrant is a real pain in the ass.
3.7sI'm glad, too, Peter, but I did enjoy learning about another culture.
2.57sYeah, you know, so did I. Well, I guess everything's back to normal.
4.4sWell, I guess everything's back to normal Oh, man, not this guy again.