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4.3sand in Spanish, it's called The No-Sex Man Comes to Town.
5.1sAnd here's Airplane! and in Spanish, it's called Incredible Flying Joke Bus.
4.34sHere's Cheaper by the Dozen, and in Spanish, it's called Small Family.
1.67sWhat the hell is going on here?
1.33sWhy aren't you people working?
2.07sIt's Cinco de Mayo, Mr. Pewterschmidt.
3.17sWould you like to watch My Friend Who Sticks His Penis in a Pie?
4.37sLook, I don't care what day it is in Mexico, in America we work on weekdays.
4.04sNow, do your jobs or I'll deport your lazy asses back to the third world.
4.2s(ALL GROANING) Wait a minute, hang on, everybody.
4.24sWhat he just said does not represent the America that I know and love.