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2.34sBut let me ask you something. Don't you miss your home?
3.77sOf course. We come to America for financial opportunities, Peter,
5.34sbut, someday, we will return to Mexico because our heritage is rich and glorious.
1.4sWait, wait, hang on a second.
4.47sAre you saying there's more to being Mexican than working hard and lusting after big asses?
3.7sThere is, Peter. In fact, we are preparing our Cinco de Mayo celebration.
3.17sAs a Mexican, you must experience it with us.
4.44sWell, kids, enjoy yourselves. Cinco de Mayo is as Mexican as it gets.
1.73sWow, this is awesome!
3.57sAnd later, I'm gonna go lift free weights in a parking lot!
3.8sOh, Peter, I'm so proud that you've embraced these people as your own.
2.27sYou've come a long way from hating foreigners.
3.07sWell, Lois, life can surprise you if you open your mind a little.
1.87sFor example, I used to hate the Japanese,
2.4sbut then I saw Lou Diamond Phillips in Young Guns,
1.5sand now I don't hate them anymore.
2.84sPeter, I don't think that Lou Diamond Phillips is Japanese.