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6.54s(LAUGHING) I can't believe you really did that. That's nasty. You're nasty.
3.17sMy VCR's still broken. Did you remember to watch Survivor?
1.73sYes, sir. All right, I wanna see it.
4.47sPreviously on Survivor, Grace won immunity after lying to Kyle about a stomach virus.
1.33sI've seen this. Fast forward.
2.17sCredits, commercials, Ford, Subway, Doritos,
1.9s- Pirates of the Caribbean 4, - Orbit gum.
2.37sHang on, go back. I want to see that Pirates trailer.
3.54sIn a world where pirates are gay but Orlando Bloom isn't,
1.33scomes Pirates of the Caribbean 4.
2.27sPeter, how was your first day?
2.57sHorrible! I never worked so hard in my life.
2.07sHow the hell do you guys do this every day?
1.3sImmigrant life sucks.
3sBut, Peter, life in America is wonderful.
2.17sThat is why we risk everything to come here.
3.27sI don't know, Cheech. It seems like a lot of work for no respect.
4.57sPeter, America is the land of opportunity. There are tall buildings,