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1.17sGood morning, Mr. Pewterschmidt.
1.67sIt's 8:00, and I'm ready for work.
1.37sGood. Have a seat.
1.43s- Drink that. - What is it?
2.7sMy blood. I'm a diabetic, and I need you to test it.
2.07sIsn't that dangerous? I don't know. Probably.
1.03sI don't wanna.
1.2sYou work for me. Now, drink it.
2.27s- No! - Drink my diabetic blood, Peter,
1.33sor you're fired.
6.54s(LAUGHING) I can't believe you really did that. That's nasty. You're nasty.
3.17sMy VCR's still broken. Did you remember to watch Survivor?
1.73sYes, sir. All right, I wanna see it.
4.47sPreviously on Survivor, Grace won immunity after lying to Kyle about a stomach virus.
1.33sI've seen this. Fast forward.