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3sBertram told me he planned to kill one of my ancestors.
1.17sHe must have succeeded,
3.47sthereby changing the past and erasing me.
0.83sBut what has that got to do with...
1.87sI created the universe, Brian!
2.4sBertram didn't know that by removing me from history,
4.1sI wouldn't be there to be accidentally thrown outside the universe and subsequently create it.
1.73sSo the universe never existed!
1.7sBut why didn't we disappear?
5.84sI can only surmise that the explosion from my old return pad irradiated us in highly charged chronoton particles,
1.73sallowing us to momentarily survive.
1.8sBoy, that was lucky. Yeah, things worked out.
1.5sWell, we have to stop him!
3.19sYes. Unfortunately, Bertram took the return pad with him,
2.97sso we'll only get one shot at this. (BUTTONS BEEPING) Ah! Here it is.
3.94sNow, we'll have to travel back in time to a point shortly before Bertram's arrival.
1.42sGet ready, Brian.