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2sso it could create me and so on.
3.92sThat's... That's the most incredible thing I've ever heard.
3.45sSo, wait, that means that I kind of created the universe, too.
2.2s(CHUCKLING) No, no, no, no.
3.17sYou're sort of the Art Garfunkel of the universe.
2.67sHey, Lois, check out what I spelled with my Alpha-Bits.
2.27s(GIGGLING) Oh, my God.
1.7sYeah! Now watch.
3.65s(GIGGLING) Maybe later you'll want the real thing, huh?
4.05s(BOTH GIGGLING) I prefer the Alpha-Bits.
2.65sSo, Brian, I see you're enjoying that cup of joe.
1.13sI thought you'd like it.
1.8sWhat, you made the coffee? Created it, yeah.
1.17sOh, for God's sake...
1.9sStewie's... For Stewie's sake.
1.65sWell, I'm off to the farmers' market.
2.57sI've gotta pick up some plutonium for a new return pad.
2.33sIn case I decide to make another universe later.
1.6sPlutonium at the farmers' market?
2.33sYeah, I'm only using organic plutonium now.
1.93sThink globally, buy locally.