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1.27sBut it could get us home.
1.94sWell, maybe, but it'll break my thing.
2.18sAnd if I overload that reactor, we could both die.
1.85sWell, you at least have to try.
5.81sAnd if you don't, I am gonna spend the rest of eternity chuckling at a joke that I am not gonna share with you.
2.4s(CHUCKLING) Oh, man.
1.37sWhat? What's the joke?
1.93s(CHUCKLING) Oh, yes!
4.4sWhat? What is it? (CONTINUES CHUCKLING) You can't say that! But it got said!
1.6sWhat? What? By who?
2.1sAll right, fine, fine! I'll try it, you bastard!
1.94sNow step onto the return pad.
1.27sNow brace yourself.
2.47sHopefully, the explosion will propel us into reality.