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1.25sHow the hell did you do that?
1.23sNo laws of physics, Brian.
2.92sWe create our own physics. See, watch this.
2.23sHeart and soul
1.8sI fell in love with you
2.1sHeart and soul
1.8sThe way a fool would do
9.94sMadly Because you held me tight And stole a kiss in the night Huh? Did I tell you?
1.5sYeah, that was good. We were good.
1.87sYeah, that's why it sucks that we're alone here.
2.24sBecause if there were people here, they would say,
2.03s"That was good. You guys should do that more."
1.27sOh, yeah, they totally would, but look,
1.27sI still want to go home, Stewie.
1.6sHow do we get out of here?
6.21sWell, if I overload the return pad's reactor, it might release enough energy to blow us back into the universe, but it's too risky.
1.27sBut it could get us home.
1.94sWell, maybe, but it'll break my thing.
2.18sAnd if I overload that reactor, we could both die.
1.85sWell, you at least have to try.
5.81sAnd if you don't, I am gonna spend the rest of eternity chuckling at a joke that I am not gonna share with you.