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2.87sBut why hasn't the universe ceased to exist?
1.07sI don't know.
3.44sUnless there's still a chance of me being born.
1.4sBut da Vinci is dead.
1.9sYes, but we're still here.
2.2sSo I must have done, or will do,
2.4ssomething that will save the universe.
3.52sIf I can just figure out what that is...
2.08sUgh, Bertram just voided his bowels.
4.35sThat's it! The genetic material needed for my creation is inside me.
2.6sSo I'll take da Vinci's place and pass it on.
1.97sWait, how did you get that from "bowels"? Huh?
2.57sI'm just wondering how you got that from... You know what? I don't care.
2.44sWill that work, though? You taking da Vinci's place?
2.15sOnly one way to find out.
4.15sAll right, I'm going to send you back five minutes after we disappeared in the time machine.
3.49sIf all goes well, the universe should be intact this time.
1.4sGood luck, old friend.
3.04sHopefully, I'll be leaving you a future to return to.
2.8sI'm gonna miss you, Stewie. Good luck.