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2.02sjust aging and festering away.
2.77sIn comes our logging company to thin out the clutter.
2.6sIt's all part of nature's, you know, cycle.
2.08sWell, Jerry, you're a whale of a lobbyist, and, uh,
2.59sI'd like to give you a logging permit, I would, but, uh,
2.44sthis isn't like burying toxic waste.
2.37sPeople are gonna notice those trees are gone.
1.77sEh, Congressman, this is where it gets awkward.
4.75sI-- I never quite know how to put this.
0.27sI just want to--
1.6sOffer me a bribe?
2.64sOh, what is it?
2.7sIt's that little girl from Springfield who wrote the essay.
1.85sCould be a good photo-op. Sure, fine.
2.45s- So, uh, where do we-- - Duh, duh, duh, Not here.
4.89sI've got a little place that I use for these, uh, matters. Call me tonight.
4.47sWell, hi there. You must be Lisa Simpson. Hello, sir.
2.77sLisa, you're a doer, and who knows, maybe someday...
1.94sYou'll be a congressman or a senator.