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3.9sAll right. So's I'm chilling in Verona when my homie busts out with:
3.8s"Yo, Romeo. Check out that biotch Juliet in the window."
2.47sProblem is, Juliet's peeps are, like, East Coast rappers...
2.99sand my posse's representing West Side.
3.09sJust like my boys Tupac and Biggie. Know what I'm saying?
2.99s- That's racist, man. - Yeah, that's just straight ignorant, dog.
2.16sIt's good to meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin.
3.03sWe wanted to talk to you about our son. You see, Chris really--
3.66sLois, honey, let's make sure we do this delicately, all right?
3.03sMrs. Lockhart, our son...
2.94swould like to plow you.
2.7sI had a feeling that's what was going on.