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3.33sSo you can be successful writers like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.
3.87sThere. Finished. Good Will Hunting by Matt Damon.
2.33sYou think we could put both our names on that?
2.76sWhat? You've done nothing but eat Breyer's and smoke pot...
1.23sfor the last six months.
2.63sOh, that's.... Come on! I helped.
3.13sOh, yeah? Okay, write a line. Just right now.
1.52s- Just pitch me a line right now. - Okay.
1.02sHow about that?
3.13sundefinedThat wasn't a line. You just farted. As there anymore pot?
3.96sSo, how was your first day, Mr. Kotter?
2.26sYeah, Chris. What's it like to have Brian as a teacher?
3.96sIt sucks! Mr. Griffin gave me an F on my first assignment!
3.27sWhat? An F, Brian? After all Chris has done for you?
3.13sYeah. Just kind of pull it out. Yeah.